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Custom Application Maintenance - Houston, Texas

  • Understanding Software Maintenance and its Importance to your Business

    In today's marketplace, businesses need higher productivity, improved technology to edge out competition and be able to streamline their operations. With the constant evolution of technology comes the need for ongoing support and maintenance that's essential for businesses to run efficiently.

    As a business continues to grow, their need for improved software must be implemented. In many cases, the software is outdated and modifications must take place to meet the new challenges of a business. That said, totally replacing software is not always the answer and can be extremely inconvenient. Modifying your existing application can be a better alternative in many cases.

    Your business should have a good application support and maintenance team that fits your needs. With the right team, your business will stay on course, concentrate on overall growth, provide customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition.

    Why regular maintenance is essential to your business:

    • Reduce the risk of data breach
    • Reduce downtime and loss of data
    • Prevent slow performance
    • Enhance user experience
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  • Choosing the right vendor

    When it comes to maintenance, choosing the right vendor is extremely crucial in order to enjoy the undeniable perks of maintenance. We believe that there are 5 critical elements that must be taken into consideration when selecting a vendor to help you with your customer software maintenance.

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  • Top 14 MUST DO maintenance tasks for your Custom Software

    You’ve learned that maintenance is a critical component in ensuring you’re getting the most of your custom software. But where do you start? What tasks should you consider when speaking with your vendor? We’ve listed the top 14 MUST DO maintenance tasks that you should look to for an optimized system.

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